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‘I let these people down’: Shamed Paula Vennells breaks down in tears AGAIN and insists she ‘worked as hard as she could’ after being accused of ‘being in la-la land’ in furious grilling by Horizon victims’ lawyer

Former Post Office boss Paula Vennells cried again today while giving evidence at the Horizon IT inquiry after insisting that she ‘loved’ the company.

The shamed 65-year-old also told the hearing in London that there are ‘no words’ that will make the ‘sorrow and what people have gone through any better’.

Ms Vennells – who insisted she ‘worked as hard as I possibly could’ – broke down in tears today, after doing the same on the first day of her evidence on Wednesday.

She became emotional as she told the inquiry: ‘I loved the Post Office, I gave it… I worked as hard as I possibly could to deliver the best Post Office for the UK.

‘What I failed to do was I failed to recognise … the imbalance of power between the institution and the individual. I let these people down – I am very aware of that.’

Ms Vennells was accused of being in ‘la-la land’ and responsible for her own downfall during questioning by Edward Henry KC, a lawyer representing subpostmasters.

She added that she lost all employment after the Court of Appeal passed a judgment which ultimately led to a number of subpostmaster convictions being overturned.

And members of the audience shouted out to dispute Ms Vennells’s evidence as she was talking about new contracts for workers which ‘tightened the screw’ on staff.

Ms Vennells said: ‘It was optional,’ to which people in the public gallery said: ‘It was compulsory.’ Inquiry lawyer Jason Beer then got to his feet and rebuked them.

He said: ‘No, people should not shout out from the public gallery otherwise they will be removed. The witness shall give her evidence without interruption.’

During an earlier combative exchange this morning, minutes into the third day of Ms Vennells’s evidence, Mr Henry said she had ‘no one to blame but yourself’.

Ms Vennells said: ‘Where I made mistakes and where I made the wrong calls … where I had information and I made the wrong calls, yes of course.’

Mr Henry said: ‘You are responsible for your own downfall aren’t you?’

Ms Vennells, who was chief executive of the organisation from 2012 to 2019, said there were ‘no words I can find today that will make the sorrow and what people have gone through any better.’

Her explanation was dismissed as ‘humbug’ by Mr Henry.

He launched into Ms Vennells at the inquiry today, asking her: ‘There were so many forks in the road, but you always took the wrong path didn’t you?’

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