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US May Face Trouble Powering the Electrical Grid — Corporate Watchdog Group Report

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) published their 2024 Summer Reliability Assessment report in this month which details how power companies may face an ‘elevated risk’ of insufficient operating reserves this summer, possibly leading to sporadic blackouts during extreme weather conditions.

“…this assessment identifies potential reliability issues of interest and regional topics of concern,” the report said on page 5. “All areas are assessed as having adequate anticipated resources for normal summer peak load
conditions. However, the following areas face risks of electricity supply shortfalls during periods of more extreme summer conditions.”

The report went on to list seven key regions that may face insufficient operating reserves of energy this summer while under extreme demand conditions, specifically when the temperature is above average causing large amounts of people to utilize air conditioners.

While the report states that grid operators are expected to fulfill the power needs during normal peak summer conditions, they expect more extreme summer conditions to arise.

“Weather services are expecting above-average summer temperatures across much of North America, potentially creating challenging summer grid conditions,” the report said on page 6 before going on to display temperature prediction maps for the above-average summer season on page 9.

The report goes on to list seven other reliability issues, including supply chain issues and product lead time increases since 2020.

“Supply chain issues are delaying some new resource and transmission projects, raising concerns that some may not be completed prior to peak summer conditions. Lead times for transformers, circuit breakers, transmission cables, switchgears, and insulators have increased significantly since 2020,” the report said on page 7.

On page 18 the report charts out the Midcontinent Independent System Operator’s (MISO) on-peak fuel mix – the energy source percentage breakdown that is used during peak hours. Natural gas makes up almost half the total energy, while coal comes in at over a quarter. Nuclear is a distant third while ‘clean’ or ‘green’ liberal energy sources are barely represented in percent of total output during peak demand.

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