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How to Select Your Outstanding Lab Grown Jewelry

It’s no secret that popularity of lab-grown diamonds has soared recently. This trend can be attributed to the lack of conflict associated with such gems. The use of such stones in making pieces of jewellery like engagement rings is also considered sustainable. In addition, the pieces of jewelry made from such diamonds are considerably affordable. However, the pieces differ in various aspects. This calls for a thoughtful selection process for an outstanding piece. Here are the selection tips to guide you.


Look for Quality Certification

Start by looking for the certificate detailing the gem’s quality. Like natural stones, lab-grown diamonds come with certification that assures quality. A quality certificate is generated after expert analysis by institutions like IGI, GIA, and AGS. This document shows the jewelry’s characteristics. The certificate also determines the jewelry’s value. Reputable companies like Firecut LLC, which you can access at, provide the certificate to help you make informed decisions. 


Consider Cut and Shape

For an outstanding piece, you should also consider the stone’s cut and shape. This is because these aspects significantly influence the jewellery’s overall appearance and brilliance. The cut determines how the lab-grown diamond will reflect light and its effects, whereas the shape will reflect your style. Ensure that the gemstone is well-cut for an outstanding appearance. This can be a less common cut that gives the ring a unique appearance. 


Think of Color and Clarity 

Since colour and clarity determine the overall beauty and value, you should think of them in your selection. The colours range from colourless to yellow or brown tint. It’d be best if you go for the colourless or near-colourless stone as it allows more light through, enhancing its sparkle. Regarding clarity, choose one with few imperfections which will make it appear more pristine and brilliant. To do this, check the description and refer to the standardized color grading scale, which ranges from colorless (D) to light color (Z). It’d be best if you also refer to the clarity scale, which ranges from flawless (FL) to included (I). 

Assess the Carat Weight

This assessment is also critical in this selection process as it also indicates the size, which is a key factor in the stone’s visual appeal. Assessing the lab-grown gemstone’s carat weight will help you understand its rarebit and the potential value of the jewelry it is set on. To do this, you will first familiarize yourself with the weights of lab-grown diamonds. You will then read the description to determine the carat weight and use the standardized scale provided before deciding if it suits your budget and style. 


Consider the Setting and Metal

You should consider the setting and metal not only for appearance but also for durability and security. Ensure that the piece has a well-placed setting that will protect it from daily wear and tear. Such a right setting will also enhance your gemstone’s beauty as it will appear larger and brilliant. To do this, you will start by learning about different settings and understanding the available metal options. You will then check the description published on platforms like for an outstanding piece.


You don’t need a natural diamond ring for an outstanding piece of jewellery. Lab-grown gemstones are quickly replacing the conflict-prone natural ones. However, note that the jewelry made from lab-grown diamonds differs in various ways. Use the tips you have read here to select the most outstanding piece. 

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