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Did anyone really doubt this has been happening all along? ‘Britain has evidence China IS supplying Russia with lethal aid for use in Ukraine and it is clear the nations are ‘covering each other’s backs’

British defence minister Grant Shapps today accused China of providing or preparing to provide Russia with lethal aid for use by Moscow in its war against Ukraine.

Shapps told a conference in London that US and British defence intelligence had evidence to suggest that ‘lethal aid is now, or will be, flowing from China to Russia and into Ukraine’.

‘We should be concerned about that because in the earlier days of this war China would like to present itself as a moderating influence on Russia’, he said, adding that there had been a 64% increase in trade between the countries since the start of the Ukraine war and ‘they are covering each other’s back’.

Superficially, China presents itself as a neutral observer of the conflict.

The Chinese Embassy in the US refuted claims last month it had not provided weaponry to boost Vladimir Putin‘s war effort, adding that it is ‘not a producer of or party involved in the Ukraine crisis.’

But while it may have stopped short of directly providing weapons to its ally, Western officials say Beijing has delivered drone and missile technologies, a range of components that are used in the manufacture of military equipment, and shared satellite images to Moscow.

Speaking on the need to boost Britain’s defence capabilities, Shapps added Russia, China, Iran and North Korea had been emboldened by what he called a quarter of a century of ‘western timidity’ towards repression at home and aggression abroad.

He said it was time for the ‘world to wake up’ and that meant all NATO members should start spending 2.5% of their gross domestic product on defence – a figure that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pledged Britain would achieve by the end of the decade.

Meanwhile, Dr Jade McGlynn, of the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, said that a resounding Ukrainian defeat to the Russian attackers would result in disastrous consequences, not only for Ukrainians, but British citizens.

‘I think we need to be much more concrete about what is at stake… If Russia were to have some form of victory in Ukraine, the costs to British people would be enormous.

‘We are talking around, over 40% increase in energy prices, we are talking about the poorest 10% of households spending 25% of their entire income on energy.

‘We are talking about food price inflation of between about 30 to 50%, and we are of course talking about massively increased defence spending.’

The comments come days after Rishi Sunak called on China to use the influence it claims to have over Russia to end the war in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said last week: ‘We would urge China to encourage Russia to cease the illegal war against Ukraine.

‘China has previously spoken out about the importance of protecting sovereignty and territorial integrity in Ukraine – something we have engaged China in at all levels.’

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