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A Creepy Story About Metaverse Enslavement (brought to you by the WEF)

By John C. A. Manley

As part of the research involved in writing my forthcoming novel, All the Humans are Sleeping, I’ve been reviewing the World Economic Forum’s “Insight Reports” on the future of the metaverse. Quite frankly, the document reads as if it was written by an AI chatbot that can’t stop using convoluted terminology like “extending hegemonic or anthropomorphic norms to technology,” while dropping warnings about “requiring a nuanced approach to credentialed spaces” and mixing in a hefty dose of DEI virtue signalling which promises “an unprecedented opportunity to build better, more equitable and just worlds.”

It has all the flow of a textbook written by seventy-seven PhDs who need a grant from the WEF.

But it does contain one story. On page 8 of Metaverse Identity, Section 1.1 is called “A story about metaverse identity.” It should probably be renamed “A Creepy Story About Metaverse Enslavement.”

Here’s a short excerpt showing what kind of virtually augmented future the World Economic Forum has envisioned for you:

“Morning sun filters through the blinds as future-you rises from bed. Your virtual assistant, sensing you’re awake, runs your pre-scripted morning wake-up routine.”

Okay, I’m already creeped out. I don’t want any virtual assistant “sensing” me all night long — just so it can know when I’m awake.

“The companion authenticates you – not just from a password but from your unique voice pattern.”

Now it’s gone from being my “assistant” to my “companion.” And it wants to “authenticate” me. And I haven’t even gotten out of bed.

“Once you are verified, it runs the routine you’ve requested and reads out both your personal schedule and your work calendar;”

I just woke up. Leave me alone! Sheesh, I thought we were supposed to get a robot who could serve us breakfast in bed, not boss us around as soon we open our eyes.

“…then, it prioritizes, summarizes and shares messages that were sent to your work email overnight.”

Now it’s reading my mail. My wife didn’t even do that. What’s more, I have a “no email” policy until I’ve completed my novel writing quota each day. This AI is evil. It’s trying to stop me from writing my fiction.

“While prepping for your day, you put on your smart glasses, and they display a message from your mother. You consent to opening the messages, and rather than her text showing, her digital avatar (a close likeness to her real self) appears beside you in AR, relaying the message about a change in dinner plans. Using your smart mirror – and AI filters to make you more presentable so early in the morning – you send a video reply.”

Like, have I been allowed at least to brush my teeth, comb my hair or go to the bathroom? Can I look in a real mirror instead of a smart mirror?

Maybe this is how some people like to start their day, but it’s certainly not for me. I don’t need a robot telling me how to live my life like a robot. Heck, I don’t even own a smartphone. I still plan my day in an analog notebook.

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