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Stop the WHO! Join the Convoy to Geneva to Halt the Pandemic Treaty

There’s a new convoy brewing, this time to Geneva at the end of this month to stop the Pandemic Treaty, which is to be discussed at that time at the World Health Assembly. Here’s the full information from the press release.

Freedom loving people from Europe and around the world are gearing up for an extraordinary event. Get ready to mark your calendars because from May 30th to June 1st 2024, the Road to Geneva Citizens Convoy is hitting the road!

The Road to Geneva Convoy is a pan-European convoy uniting people across the continent in defence of our health sovereignty and individual liberties. Thousands of people from all walks of life will be making their voices heard outside the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland at the We Are The Change rally and march on Saturday June 1st.

“It’s a historic rally where we’ll unite to declare our right to freedom and independence!” says Dan Astin-Gregory, co-promoter of the convoy and Founding Director of Free Humanity.

“After the rally,” he continues, “we’ll be marching through the streets of Geneva, showcasing our solidarity and determination to uphold the values we hold dear, culminating in an official Declaration of Independence from unelected global elites and to make their votes obsolete.“

Concerns with the WHO Treaty

The ongoing negotiations for the world’s first pandemic treaty, facilitated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), are marred by flawed and potentially fraudulent premises.

Under the guise of ensuring equitable healthcare access for all, the issue of ‘Big Pharma’ capture and the emergence of the ‘Pandemic Industrial Complex’ underscores a troubling reality: the pursuit of profit often takes precedence over public health concerns.

The treaty could lead to a situation where the focus shifts towards profit-driven solutions within the healthcare sector, potentially neglecting the needs of developing countries.

Protecting Medical Freedom

Protecting medical freedom is essential in ensuring individuals have the right to make informed decisions about their own healthcare. By supporting the Road to Geneva convoy, we stand together to oppose the prospect of medical mandates including forced quarantines for travellers, emergency use ‘vaccines’ without liability, and additional test certificates within a One Health surveillance framework to detect ‘potential pandemic pathogens’. Such measures have already proven ineffectual in tackling COVID-19 and infringe upon individual liberties and autonomy.

Joining the convoy is a powerful way to assert our right to choose our own medical treatments and reject coercive measures that undermine our freedoms.

Dan emphasises the importance of citizen engagement in global policy at this critical juncture, stating:

“We are proud to see people who value freedom from a wide cross-section of society joining us in this important mission. Some argue the treaty strengthens global health cooperation, but we say it will lead to a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t consider local needs.

“Furthermore, the treaty could impose substantial financial burdens on nations for pandemic preparedness, further straining public resources. Together, we can send a powerful message to the WHO and world leaders that healthcare decisions should be made nationally, with the input of the people they affect.”

The Geneva-bound convoy recently received a major boost as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pledged his support

“The World Health Organisation was once a great agency that took care of the poor and under-served communities around the world. But in recent decades it’s been taken over by global elites and foreign powers that don’t have America’s best interests at heart. This is why we need to stop President Biden from signing the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. The treaty lays out a blueprint giving the WHO unprecedented authority. Those powers go into effect the moment that the WHO declares a pandemic, which it can do at any moment even if no true pandemic exists…

“The United States has a constitution for a reason. We can’t let it be stripped from us by international bureaucrats and their bosses at the Billionaire Boys Club in Davos. We, the people, still have the power.”

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