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What Is Causing the Cancer Epidemic? Hint: it’s in the jabs

Investigations into the contents of the vials and prior Substacks by myself and many other researchers have so far identified the following substances in some of the Covid vials: Graphene Oxide, various Polymers from Polyvinyl Alcohol to Polyacrylates, DNA plasmids and mRNA. There may be other compounds that couldn’t be identified yet.

Let’s go through these one by one and see what studies say about their carcinogenic potential.

Graphene Oxide (GO)

GO is a massive free radical that fragments chromosomes, breaks and mutates DNA, deforms chromosome end base pairs, called Telomeres, causes massive inflammation, destroys immune cells such as T Helper cells and alters genetic expression by hyper- or hypomethylation of DNA. These effects alone can explain the explosion of cancers.

When I originally used to search for studies about the cancer inducing effects of GO a few years ago, there were many studies to pick from. When I searched again now, there were studies portraying how good GO is in combating cancer cells and studies showing it causes cancer became harder to find. It appears they are trying to hide information on this now. Not really surprising.

A study1 in 2019 checked for alterations in DNA and histology (microscopic tissue changes) when mice were given GO to swallow for five days. All three doses from 10 to 40mg per kg body weight significantly increased DNA damage in bone marrow cells. They also found lesions in histological slides of liver and brain tissue such as cell death, inflammation and cellular degeneration.

Another study2 from 2013 on cell cultures and in mice found that GO clearly altered gene expression as badly as a chemotherapy drug, cyclophosphamide, a known mutagen. It was also found that GO elevates the activity of the cancer suppressor gene p53, a sign that a carcinogen is wreaking havoc on the DNA. Unfortunately, it was found that mRNA encoded protein suppresses precisely that cancer suppressor gene and turns it off. P53 is inhibited by this protein made due to mRNA via interruption of an interaction between MDM2 and p53 which is necessary to activate p53’s antitumor effects3. This is truly a diabolical mix as it allows cancers to develop and grow unchecked. This is like inserting bank robbers into a bank and handcuffing the security guards.

But it gets worse: The mutagenic potential of GO is perhaps a more dangerous threat than the above effects, because it is also possible to induce germline mutation that threatens the health of the next generation.

This study4 investigated the genotoxicity (toxic to DNA) and mutagenicity (ability to alter DNA) graphene oxide (GO) nanoparticles in vivo. It estimated the possible genotoxicity and mutagenicity of GO nanoparticles as well as possible oxidative stress induction in the mice liver and brain tissues. Nano-GO particles administration at the dose levels of 10, 20, or 40 mg/kg for one or five consecutive days significantly increased the DNA breakages in a dose-dependent manner that disrupts the genetic material and causes genomic instability. GO nanoparticles also induced mutations in the p53 genes as well as increasing the expression of p53 protein. Positive p53 reaction in the liver and brain showed significant increase of p53 activation. This is a sign that GO has cancer inducing effects by altering the DNA. Since p53 is inhibited by the protein coded for by mRNA, this activation doesn’t happen, and cancer can grow unhindered as mentioned above. Additionally, induction of oxidative stress was proven by the significant dose-dependent increases in the malondialdehyde level (a marker for oxidation) and reductions the level of the body’s main antioxidant defense, glutathione. In summary, the study found acute and subacute oral administration of GO nanoparticles induced genomic instability and mutagenicity by induction of oxidative stress in the mice liver and brain tissues.

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