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UK government advisors say smart water meters should be made compulsory (Always the plan as I said when they started)

On Thursday, the National Infrastructure Commission published its latest assessment of the UK government’s progress in implementing its commitments on infrastructure.  The report has suggested that compulsory smart meters are crucial to fight the “real and growing risk” of drought.

The National Infrastructure Commission is an Executive Agency of HM Treasury and its commissioners are appointed by the Chancellor.  Currently, there are 10 commissioners.  The Commission aims to provide the government with impartial, expert advice on major long-term infrastructure challenges.

Although it’s not the subject of this article, perhaps we should question how independent the commissioners’ advice is and whose advice they are giving.  For example, its deputy chair Julia Prescot is also co-chair of the Global Infrastructure Facility – a G20, World Bank and multilateral bank-promoted organisation. Professor Jim Hall Freng, another commissioner, is a member of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology. NIC commissioner Nick Winser is on the Board of Greencoat UK Wind, an investment company that invests in UK wind farms.

Reporting on the Commission’s infrastructure assessment report released on Thursday, 16 May 2024, The Telegraph said:

Even though the article was exclusively about NIC’s report and the UK, The Telegraph shared the graphic below about global water demand.

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