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The UK Public’s chance to object to FLUORIDE which is proven to be a NEUROTOXICITY and is injuring the population at current levels

As you probably know the North East of England and North Yorkshire is intending to fluoridate the water and the government are having an ‘open consultation’, which anybody in the country can express their concerns. This consultation finishes on the 17th of June, so we have approximately a month. The PDF document linked below describes the consultation and also has a link for the general public to complete the consultation.

Possible answers have been included, which the public can use to voice their concerns over fluoride toxcity.

We are now in the 9th week of Public Consultation (PC) period for Water Fluoridation for the North East of England including North Yorkshire and have only 4 weeks to respond up to the 17th of June 2024. 1.6 million residents are likely to become fluoridated if we fail to submit our concerns to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). To submit your concerns please follow the link to the government’s questionnaire and fill out your consultation form specifying your objections. Try and make simple legal arguments for example that fluoride is a ‘poison’ and demonstrates harm at government levels. In order to help you we have published our replies to the government’s consultation below, which we suggest that you read and include in your own answers. For interested parties there are also further cogent arguments to be found at UK Free Fluoride Alliance. The link to complete the Public Consultation is as follows and is open to ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC WITHIN THE UK:

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To get involved in the consulation see link:

Fluoride Consultation Answers

The Answer Everything You Need to Know But Havent Been Told

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