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Happy International HR Day

First we had Mother’s Day, followed by Father’s Day and even Grandparent’s Day. Then we had a move into the professions with Teacher’s Day and Nurse’s Day. Some would say special days help us show our appreciation of these important professions. Others may cynically claim them to be more of a marketing ploy by card sellers to widen their profit base, or professions muscling in on days of celebration to gain their own day of self importance. And now even the profession of Human Resources has muscled in with its very own ‘International HR Day’.

Monday May 20th 2024 marks this year’s International HR Day, a day “to recognise and celebrate the value and positive impact that HR brings”. Even the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the profession’s U.K. professional body “join[s] the global celebration of the people profession… inviting all people professionals to be part of this year’s International HR Day”.

I have personally not met a single HR professional whose reaction to learning of this day is anything but squirms of embarrassment or laughter. Though that may be due in part to the circles within which I move.

Nevertheless, let’s take this momentous day as an opportunity to pause and reflect on the profession of Human Resources today.

So much of the profession appears to have been taken over by desires to ‘make the world a better place’, to ‘improve the lives of others’, ‘prioritising employee wellbeing, ‘driving social responsibility and sustainability’, and so forth.

These are not areas of focus I was taught when I studied for my postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management. Nor I believe are they the subject areas most employers and business owners have looked towards their HR functions to lead or focus on.

The role of HR is to focus on the talent that is required for the organisation, from resourcing this talent, developing and managing it internally, to exiting the talent when it is either not needed or not working. It must be a value-adding function, that supports and assists organisational transformation and change, develops leadership and enables positive employee relations. And of course its function also remains to provide all of the administrative support that is necessary to facilitate these things. Unfortunately, this administrative support is so often the very thing that HR functions get wrong. Lack of focus and effectiveness on the basics is sadly not uncommon, with poor leadership of the function failing to ensure sound processes, systems and data, frequently resulting in error, delay and muck-up.

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