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‘Elon Musk’s Love Affair With mRNA’ – in fact, Musk’s love affair with everything the Cult wants. Twitter/X is to stop the Mainstream ‘Alternative’ Media (MAM) from calling this out and clearly it’s working, right Joe, Alex, Eva, Andrew, Jordan, Russell, on and on?

But what most people will not know and what raises issues about whether he should not in fact recuse himself from such discussions or at least provide appropriate disclosure, is that Musk is himself part of the mRNA project and has a direct commercial stake in it.

More precisely, Musk is a partner in Germany’s mRNA project, since Tesla has a partnership with the German mRNA company CureVac to produce so-called ‘RNA printers’: an automated system for manufacturing mRNA and mRNA-based drugs. The patent application for the machines was jointly filed by CureVac and Tesla’s German subsidiary Tesla Grohmann Automation, as can be seen here.

CureVac is Germany’s ‘other’ mRNA company. Like BioNTech, whose COVID-19 vaccine has been marketed by Pfizer in most of the world, and the two German companies’ American rival Moderna, CureVac was also in the running to produce a COVID-19 vaccine, but its vaccine candidate did not obtain authorisation.

Whereas the German Government has sponsored both of the German companies, it went beyond mere sponsorship of CureVac in mid-June 2020 and took a direct ownership stake in the company, acquiring nearly a quarter of its shares for €300 million. This means that as CureVac’s partner, Elon Musk’s Tesla is in fact a direct commercial partner of the German Government, which, as touched upon here and here, has made mRNA manufacturing into a cornerstone of its industrial policy.

Just two weeks after the German Government acquired its stake in CureVac, Musk announced the (preexisting) Tesla-CureVac partnership on Twitter, noting that Tesla would be able to build the ‘RNA printers’, or what he called the “RNA microfactories”, not just for CureVac, but also “possibly for others”.

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