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Courts May Abandon Wigs Amid Claims of ‘Hair Discrimination’ – The fact that they look like a bunch of prats might be a better reason

English courts could soon stop requiring barristers to wear wigs due to ‘cultural insensitivity’ claims. The Telegraph has the details.

The judiciary is poised to update its court dress code following complaints by some barristers that the traditional headpieces discriminate against those with Afro-Caribbean hair.

Judges are currently reviewing proposals made by the Bar Council, which represents barristers in England and Wales, with changes expected to be made this autumn at the earliest. No decisions have been made.

It follows widespread criticism from several black barristers who have called for compulsory wigs to be scrapped.

The potential changes come after Michael Etienne, a barrister who is black and has an afro hairstyle, sparked a public debate in 2022 after being ordered to wear a wig in court or face disciplinary action.

He branded the policy as hair discrimination, a form of racism.

A Bar Council spokesman said: “Following questions from barristers about wigs and hair discrimination, the Bar Council set up a working group to consider court dress in the context of all protected characteristics.

“The findings of the working group are currently being discussed with the judiciary as part of our regular dialogue on equality and diversity matters.”

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