Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 20 May 2024

COVID-19 Pandemic Response: A Military-Pharmaceutical Apparatus

The Senator asked: “Did the MCM Consortium run Covid?”

“Who knew we had a military pharmaceutical apparatus linking the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK…?”

In mid 2023 Australian Senator, Malcolm Roberts, asked this rhetorical question about the four-nation consortium for Medical Countermeasures (or “MCMs” – namely ‘vaccines’) under the American-led “CBR Defense Cooperative Program”.

Malcolm Roberts also demanded to know: “Did anyone in this country [Australia] accept orders from the United States military to do or not do a thing that may have interfered with this military pharmaceutical plan?”

This speech remains the single most important overview to date by any parliamentarian in the world regarding the Covid Response, with more questions than answers.

The address by Senator Roberts delivered on 9 August 2023 was linked to in our initial post – “The Great Preset and the Biodefense Boondoggle” – which covered details of the U.S.-led four-nation defense-and-health partnership and its “MCM Consortium”.

Note: We are interested to know what American (former) Senator Joe Lieberman – Co-chair of the U.S. “Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense”- thinks about the speech by Senator Malcolm Roberts!

The video and transcript of the Senator’s speech are below.

Did the Medical Countermeasures Consortium Run COVID?

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