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The plan all along – Putin and Xi’s bromance continues as Chinese leader awkwardly HUGS Vladimir in growing sign that their two nations are more united than ever as they seek to topple US-led world order

A vaunted ‘new era’ of strategic partnership between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his counterpart Xi Jinping may not exactly have been sealed with a kiss, but it did lead to rare hugs between them.

Underscoring the importance of Xi’s support for the Kremlin, Putin headed to Beijing earlier this week in what was his first trip abroad since his March re-election and the second in just over six months to China.

Russia, grappling with Western sanctions after its invasion of Ukraine, is increasingly reliant on its booming trade with China, which is challenging US supremacy in areas from quantum computing to espionage and hard military power.

And although President Xi, in keeping with the tenets of China’s political culture, is not known for effusive displays of warmth, he gripped Putin tightly by the shoulders and pulled him in for a pair of firm, if awkward, hugs.

Footage from state broadcaster CCTV showing the leaders enjoying the uncharacteristic embrace in the evening air of the Zhongnanhai leadership compound in the Chinese capital as aides and officials fawned and clapped from the sidelines.

The cuddles came following an informal tea and dinner event last night considered to be the key session of Putin’s two-day visit to China.

Putin then flew to the Russian-influenced city of Harbin in the northeast, where he was due to spend Friday before returning to Moscow.

Hours earlier the leaders had signed a lengthy statement that sharpened their opposition to a US-led world order and pledged cooperation across fields ranging from space and nuclear technologies to finance and manufacturing.

‘The China-Russia relationship is hard earned, and the two sides need to cherish and nurture it,’ Xi said.

The embrace between the two leaders still stopped well short of the full ‘socialist fraternal kiss’ favoured by the likes of Soviet Union’s Leonid Brezhnev at the height of the Cold War.

But Putin hailed the ‘warm and comradely’ talks – the latest step in the consolidation of a relationship they frame as a buttress against the meddling West, hastening a shift in the international order towards multipolarity.

He described Moscow and Beijing‘s cooperation in world affairs as one of the main stabilising factors in the international arena.

Yet their emphasis on the partnership, most analysts and commentators agree that amid his continuing war, it is Putin who needs this relationship more than Xi.

China has proved an economic lifeline for Russia after The West slapped Moscowwith unprecedented sanctions over Ukraine, and Putin has spoken very highly of his Chinese counterpart while waxing lyrical over his admiration for Chinese culture – even commenting that members of his family are learning Mandarin.

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