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It’s not just Devon: Map reveals faeces contaminated tap water has been detected in TEN areas of England and Wales as experts warn that ongoing cryptosporidium outbreak could spread

Could you be one of an estimated 44million drinking water supplies potentially contaminated by faeces, according to official data?

MailOnline’s fascinating map reveals which water supplies recorded breaches for bacteria commonly found in the digestive systems of animals and people in water supplies in the UK.

It comes as 22 cases of a parasite called cryptosporidium, which most commonly enters water supplies via contamination of faeces, have been detected in Devon.

Cryptosporidium infection causes people to suffer weeks of diarrhoea and stomach cramps so painful that one woman compared them to ‘childbirth’.

Residents in the affected areas have been told to boil water before drinking to try and stop more people becoming infected.

Experts told MailOnline there was no need for people in other parts of the country to boil their water but added contamination events like this ‘should simply never happen’ in a developed country like the UK.

However, they also warned the infection could spread beyond the county if people who were visiting the area before the alarm was raised fall ill and pass it on to others.

There is no geographic data cryptosporidium detections in UK water supplies but there is data for detections of E. coli and enterococci.

These are types of bacteria that can indicate water has been contaminated by faecal matter, and potentially, cryptosporidium.

The reservoir which is understood to be the source of an outbreak of cryptosporidium in a Devon is an underground lake – which serves around 40,000 homes.

Residents living close to the Hillhead Reservoir near Brixham, South Devon, have been warned by South West Water workers they will have to be switched onto alternative sources of water.

While MP Anthony Mangnall claimed ‘animal waste’ may have got into a damaged air valve, causing contaminated ground water to enter the local supply.

This afternoon, around a dozen vans from South West Water were lined up outside a pumping station where the outbreak is believed to have been detected earlier this week.

The Government’s Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) recorded a total 35 E. coli and Enterococci breaches in England and Wales in 2022.

The majority of these, 13, were in the North West in the area served by Severn Trent Water.

This was followed by Anglian Water in the East of England (6) and Northumbrian, Essex and Suffolk Water.

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