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Heartbreaking moment mother visits Swiss clinic where son ended his life in secret: Teacher, 47, with no diagnosed illness took lethal drugs dose in unassuming office block – as clinic apologises for allowing him to die without telling his family

This is the moment a mother visited the Swiss clinic where her son ended his life in secret despite not having a terminal illness.

Chemistry teacher Alastair Hamilton, 47, paid more than £10,000 to die at the suicide clinic – which then kept his death a secret from his family.

His distraught mother Judith, 81, broke down in tears as she visited Pegasos clinic in Basel.

The Hamilton family only learned Alastair had taken his life at the clinic after police examined his bank account statements and found that he had transferred thousands of pounds to Pegasos.

Pegasos initially refused to speak to them about his remains, saying it was ‘against our lawyer’s recommendations’. Eventually the family received his ashes in the post – two months after he died.

udith told ITV News: ‘We weren’t given that chance to either be with him or in my case, drag him home, tooth and nail if I had to.’

Standing in front of the building where he died, she added: ‘It’s not the best place to be for your last view of Earth, is it?

‘Bless him. I just keep saying to myself, ”Oh Alastair”.’

Shockingly, it took the persistence of Mr Hamilton’s devastated family, the Metropolitan Police, the Foreign Office and Interpol to discover what had happened to Alastair after he vanished last summer.

The family still hasn’t received the goodbye letters the clinic said he had left for them, or his personal belongings he had with him.

Alistair’s brother Bradley told ITV he was ‘robbed’ of the chance of going to the clinic and ‘cuddling him whilst he did it’, and of ‘giving him a kiss goodbye’.

A representative of Pegasos apologised for failings around the way Alistair’s case was handled, according to ITV.

The representative told the Hamilton family that its procedures would now be brought closer into line with guidelines set by the Swiss Medical Association in 2022.

These say a family should always be informed if a relative intends to die.

But the representative said Pegasos doesn’t believe in many of the guidelines.

The guidance also states that a life should be unbearable before someone is assisted to die.

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