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Proof That the NHS Was Just Making it Up On Face Masks

For two years we’ve been told by senior NHS operatives that the responsibility for assessing the need for masks to be worn in health care settings has been ‘delegated’ to individual NHS Trusts. Decisions would be made based on the local prevalence of respiratory infections and their associated risks.

Work carried out by anti-mask campaign group, Smile Free, has found this to be a falsehood. NHS staff and service users continue to be subjected to the undocumented whims of unaccountable mask mavens; people who appear also to feel that legislation aimed at fostering a culture of openness in public life does not apply to them.

Ever since 2020, when the ‘health service’ portion of the Medical-Industrial Complex – a.k.a the NHS – and its co-collaborators, the Government, flip-flopped on the question of mask efficacy, we, the public, have been sold the sham that a piece of ill-fitting cloth can insulate us from a respiratory infection.

What we know, with absolute clarity and certainty, is that face masks serve only two possible purposes:

  • As a comforter and pacifier for the frightened;
  • As a means of creating compliance and conformity amongst those wearing them.

The entire schtick of mutual support and care, encapsulated in the psychological nudgers’ weasel words, “I wear mine to protect you”, is founded on a lie. As opposed to the nonsense espoused by Followers of The ScienceTM, real scientific evidence, found in real evidence-based research, has confirmed that the only contribution masks make is to increase harmful effects amongst long-term wearers.

What has the NHS’s institutional response to the facts been?

During these past three years, Smile Free has campaigned vigorously against masks. Twice, in the summers of 2022 and 2023, we wrote open letters to the NHS Chief Executives of the four home countries, co-signed by thousands of doctors, scientists, medical professionals and members of the public. We asked first that they fall into line with other community settings and remove routine ‘requirements’ for mask wearing, and latterly that they issue new guidance explicitly discouraging masking in healthcare settings.

When, or if, we received a reply, the message from the likes of NHS England’s Chief Nursing Officer, Dame Ruth May, was that masking and other non-pharmaceutical interventions were a matter of “local discretion” and may be used “depending on local prevalence and risk assessment”, a feature of the masking system we called the postcode lottery.

(‘Risk assessment’ – a decision-making tool for systematically identifying hazards and associated risks – is one component of an overall three-pronged risk analysis process, the others being ‘risk management’ and ‘risk communication’.)

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