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Australian Senators and MPs Demand Government Reject WHO Pandemic Treaty

Fourteen Australian Senators and MPs have written to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese urging his Government to reject impending WHO pandemic reforms, which are to be voted on by WHO member states at the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) at the end of this month.

In the letter, parliamentarians from the Coalition (opposition) and the crossbench expressed “deep concern” at the prospect that the Australian Government might commit Australia to proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) and separately to a WHO Pandemic Treaty.

The Australian Government says that the proposed IHR amendments and WHO Pandemic Treaty are necessary to prevent, prepare for and respond to future pandemics and other international health emergencies.

However in their letter, dated May 14th, the 14 Senators and MPs warn that the reforms “pose a significant threat to Australia’s autonomy and independence on the global stage”.

If adopted, and implemented into Australian domestic law, the World Health Organisation will hold an unacceptable level of authority, power and influence over Australia’s affairs under the guise of declaring ’emergencies’.

The letter acknowledges “a large volume of correspondence from Australians who are rightly concerned about the IHR Amendments and the WHO Pandemic Treaty”, which, taken together, “will transform the WHO from an advisory organisation to a supranational health authority dictating how governments must respond to emergencies which the WHO itself declares”.

Public consultation on the reforms attracted 4,521 submissions from individuals and stakeholder groups in December last year, indicating a high level of interest in the matter within the community.

The letter also notes that the impending vote on the reforms later this month is in breach of the WHO’s own guidelines. The final IHR amendments are meant to be circulated four months in advance of the vote to allow the 194 member states time to review them (Schedule 2, Article 55). However, updated versions of the IHR amendments presented in April 2024 were still in draft form, and were still being negotiated by the working group as late as last week.

This means that, in contravention of WHO rules, member states still have not received the final versions of the documents, with mere weeks remaining for them to consider how the complex amendments will interact with the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty and national domestic law before voting at the WHA, which is scheduled to take place between May 27th and June 1st.

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