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Technocracy Is Not Socialism Or Communism

All who think we are fighting Socialism, Communism, or Fascism are in for a rude awakening when they are all thrown under the bus by Technocracy. All socialists, communists, and fascists will be there too. Technocracy is a scourge on humanity, destroying the souls of men, women, and children. It will destroy any political system that challenges its autocratic control. When it finally dawns on you, you will be looking straight into the face of Hell.

Technocracy will twist your mind like a pretzel, for it is “the science of social engineering” from the start. It will fool you into thinking that “system change” is possible, but this author correctly notes, that “close analysis quickly reveals that there is no system-change involved in technocratic designs, no restructuring of power relations, no uprooting of the accumulative capital logic, and no supplanting of social forms.”

Technocracy will kill all political systems. It will kill all economic systems. It will kill all educational systems. It will destroy what it means to be human.

There is no point pushing back against Technocracy. It will assimilate you like the Borg in an old Star Trek movie. There is only one way to destroy technocracy: pull it out by the root and throw it into the trash bin of history. – TN Editor

Many conservative critics are making the mistake of equating Globalism with Socialism and Communism. This is a political misidentification with serious political consequences, not least when the conservatism they espouse is in truth a ‘small government’ economic neoliberalism which, in fragmenting social supports and structures, invites a collectivist re-regulation from the outside and from above. In other words, it is neoliberals and their policies which give technocrats their rationale. ‘Globalism’ is actually Technocracy, not socialism; it is a ‘Progressivism’ which is aligned with the new ‘acceptable’ face of the capital system as it undergoes an internal transition away from the ‘old’ (‘extractive,’ fossil fuel) forms. This has serious political implications.

Technocracy is anti-democratic to the core. Progressives can sometimes be seen criticising Populism as constituting a threat to freedom, reason, and democracy. These claims were made with respect to the vote for Donald Trump and the UK vote to leave the EU. Against this, it is the anti-populism of the technocratic elites that threatens freedom and democracy. And reason. These elites are becoming increasingly irrational with respect to the plans, targets, and regulations they are imposing upon society. It is the most mechanical, inorganic, and unecological form of anti-politics, yet remarkably has so many people who consider themselves to be green rallying to the cause.

The implication contained in all these warnings to stay indoors during the heatwave was plain: we the people are so stupid that we cannot be trusted to stay safe when the sun comes out. Again, it is the same message of democratic incapacity, the same insistence that human beings are so stupid that democracy can never work – the same case for an elite appropriation of politics.

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