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Blood, insults, and knives: German train system turning into life-threatening ‘battlefield’ due to violent migrants, warns head of regional rail union

A female union boss for rail workers describes “civil war” conditions, train workers locking themselves in train cars out of fear, and bloody assaults that are leaving train workers traumatized — all exacerbated by politicians who talk of successful “integration”

German train workers are exposed to insults, harassment, violence, and even the threat of knife attacks from migrants on such a regular basis that it is making their jobs unbearable, warns a German trade union representing railway workers in the state of Thuringia.

German trains are becoming more and more dangerous due to mass immigration, and shocking headlines week after week, along with actual police statistics, confirm this trend. The union warns that young asylum seekers are the main perpetrators in the growing number of cases, and for the staff in Thuringia, train work is “sometimes life-threatening,” according to the trade union.

“I have an average of three employees sitting in my Erfurt office every week for legal advice. They were attacked, spat on, insulted, threatened or pushed,” said Steffi Recknagel, the head of the Railway and Transport Union (EVG) in Thuringia, during an interview with Focus Online.

The female union boss shared information describing the everyday crime train attendants and train drivers face, including verbal and physical violence, and even knife crime. However, she said constant verbal harassment is also taking its toll.

“The worst case was that a train attendant was threatened with a knife,” said Recknagel, while another was physically attacked from behind and “the air was knocked out of her.”

In other cases, female train workers were “slapped,” “kicked,” had their clothing pulled, and were “treated aggressively.” In some cases, the perpetrators told these female workers they were not allowed to speak because they are women.

The union head in that region said that while there are problematic spots across the German state, there is one particularly bad stretch between the state capital of Erfurt and Suhl. She said the “extreme” situation there is due to the presence of a refugee center in Suhl, which features mainly Syrian, Afghan, and Turkish migrants, who travel to Erfurt and back again on a regular basis.

“I drive the Erfurt-Suhl route every day,” said Recknagel. “And unfortunately, I have to say it like this: It is mostly young men from the initial reception center who misbehave completely on our trains. They always travel in groups and feel strong together.”

She told Focus that it was dangerous to intervene, and those that do are threatened.

“When something happens while driving, some people now say to themselves: I’d better look away now before I’m the next victim,” Recknagel warned.

She warned that the situation on the train system is “sometimes life-threatening. Our people are afraid, very afraid. We have employees who say: If these groups are on the train, then I won’t check tickets. Then, they say they’ll stay at the front with the train driver or lock themselves in their cabin until they get to a safe station and they get out.”

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