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The Sangreal, Druids And Soul Transference by Richard Willett

On the surface it would appear that the British Royals (Saxe Coburg & Gotha) are a Church of England protestant family. Yet beyond that surface level facade there’s much evidence to show that these bloodlines have an entirely different and occult set of beliefs.

In 1946 a young Princess Elizabeth II was invited to Wales, to be inducted into a Druid sect. The mainstream media has tried to dress this ritual up as something the young Princess had just simply took a fancy to, when in all reality some of the pagan beliefs have been held by these snake bloodlines for thousands of Years, indeed they likely created them.

Her Bardic name became Elizabeth O’Windsor, and the gushing over the Princess by local reporters was somewhat embarrassing though revealing. According to a BBC article in September of 2022 Cardiff born journalist Brian Hoey said:

“My first impression of her was that she looked like a movie star. She was very, very beautiful, elegant… she was an absolute knock-out star,” said Cardiff-born journalist Brian Hoey, who was helping to put up marquees at the eisteddfod aged 12″.

It is not surprise that Mr Hoey gave such an overwhelming review of the late Queens indoctrination into the Welsh Druid sect, he later became a “royal author”. The use of the term “Movie Star” is interesting in that the Druids are somewhat linked to the origins of what became the Hollywood system, from its birth place in Nemi Rome.

Lake Nemi in Rome was a site dedicated to the Goddess Nemus Dianae also known as Diana. There is a link back to the Celtic’s Druids via the word “nemeton” which the ancient North Europeans used as a term for a “Holy Place”.

Lake Nemi was also know as a body of water called ‘Diana’s Mirror’ which was a place were the rich and wealthy were lured into by practicing Satanists who resided around the Holy Woods nearby. These wealthy folk were rumoured to have been sacrificed in exchange for “immortality” which in modern day Hollywood parlance would mean to “become a star”. Thus we have the Hollywood walk of fame.

This ritual appears to be more of Satanic type ritual and not connected to the Druids in anyway. There’s no real evidence of the real Druids being even aware of a deity called Satan, but some of the later Satanists may have taken on some Druid beliefs and rituals and incorporated them into their own sects. Remember Satanism at its core is about taking something positive and inverting it to something negative.

It appears that the Romans, and more specifically the Roman Catholic Church were trying to stamp out anything they deemed “pagan” which would have been any Druid practices and beliefs in Britain. Pagan simply means “rural” which in reality was used as a label for anyone who attempted to live outside of the Roman system. In modern day terms Pagan would mean anyone who tried to live “off grid” or outside of the coming Smart Cities.

And anyone who refuses to live under the A.I Rule coming from the dictators and Sangreal Bloodlines living in the 3rd Solomon’s Temple on Temple Mount.

Another fascinating bit of information about the Goddess Diana was that artefacts were found in the Temple of Diana in Rome that showed her holding a flamed torch in her right hand. This of course is the basis for the State of Liberty which is also another depiction of Queen Semiramis or ISIS as well as Sol Invictus, who was worshipped by Constantine the Great who rubber stamped modern day Christianity whilst secretly still worshiping these deities of the ancient snake cults of Babylon and Egypt.

I think it is worth pointing out here that at the level of these Black Nobility bloodlines, there is no contradiction between worshiping such entities as Satan/Cronus/Baal/Moloch (see the Sigil of Saturn on the Balmoral Castle Crest) and also taking part in Druid rituals.

The fact is these hybrid Bloodlines want to hold and control this knowledge for themselves. They know this is all energy and where attention goes energy flows.

This is why, away from the public eye Princess Elizabeth held both Druid and Roman (Ancient Snake brotherhood) beliefs, whilst on the surface she would pretend to be Church of England. Just like the Catholic Church pretend to worship the biblical God and his son Jesus. In reality they worship the demonic Gods of  Baal, Moloch, Cronus and the feathered serpents of Ancient Egypt.

A clear example in of this in the Catholic Church is the symbolism of the Dagon fish God called Nirmod, and the Holy Roman Mitre.

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