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Pandemic Treaty Falters as Talks End Without Agreement

Talks on the WHO Pandemic Treaty have ended without an agreed text, with the next steps up for debate, putting the treaty at risk. The Gazette has more.

Talks to draw up a global pact to help fight future pandemics have ended without a draft agreement, sources close to the process said on Friday.

Negotiators from the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) 194 member states were hoping to have a final draft agreement by the end of Friday, with a view towards adopting the legally-binding text at the World Health Assembly later this month.

But they stopped negotiating on the text at lunchtime and have moved instead to working out how best to continue work on the treaty – either in the next few weeks, months or even years, one official said.

The aim of the document, alongside a series of updates to existing rules on dealing with pandemics, is to shore up the world’s defences against new pathogens after the COVID-19 pandemic killed millions of people.

But there have been deep disagreements throughout the negotiating process, particularly around equity, and the timeline for reaching an agreement was always ambitious, experts said. The accord, commonly known as a treaty, has also become politicised in some countries.

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