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Beyond Rap Beef: Kendrick Lamar’s Dark Accusations Against Drake (Including Sex Trafficking)

The ongoing beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar recently turned dark and personal. While, at first, it was about rap, Kendrick’s latest songs describe Drake as a pedophile and predator who runs a sex trafficking ring from his mansion. Here’s a look at Kendrick’s accusations against Drake and the industry people around him.

If I had to sum up 2024 in a few words, I’d go with “Settling Scores.” On January 3rd, Katt Williams set the tone by stating, in a now legendary interview:

“It’s God’s side and the other side. And we don’t care nothing about the other side. Period. All of these big d*ck deviants are all catching hell in 2024. It’s up for all of them. It don’t matter if you Diddy or whoever you is. All lies will be exposed, that’s all. And anyone who takes it the wrong way, know why they take it the wrong way. The truth is the light.”

In the following weeks, Diddy was indeed exposed as a diddler. On a broader scale, the rap world entered a “civil war” in which numerous artists viciously dissed other artists while exposing their moral misdeeds in the process.

While most rap fans found this generalized beef to be thoroughly entertaining, things got very real when the war crystallized around two juggernauts of the genre: Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Other rappers who attacked Drake made fun of him for getting ab implants and a BBL (Brazilian butt lift). However, Kendrick chose to engage in all-out psychological warfare. Of course, Kendrick did not fail to mention Drake’s hilarious surgeries, but the bulk of his attacks were infinitely more serious: He accused Drake of being a pedophile. He did not insinuate it. He just said it. He also accused his entourage of being industry creeps who prey on minors.

Here’s a look at this sticky situation.

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