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Saudis evict locals with lethal force to build ‘green’ city in line with globalist goals: report


One villager who refused to relinquish his property reportedly was killed and 47 who wouldn’t leave have been arrested during the building of ‘The Line.’

(LifeSiteNews) — Saudi Arabian officials have reportedly allowed the use of lethal force against local villagers to clear land to construct the “green” city named “The Line” that is being built in conformity with globalist agenda-linked 2030 climate policy plans with help from Western-based construction firms.

Per a recent BBC report, former Saudi Arabia intelligence officer Col. Rabih Alenezi, who is now in exile in the United Kingdom for fear of his security, noted he was given orders to evict villagers from a local tribe to clear land for the “The Line” project.

Reportedly, one person was shot and killed after refusing to leave the area. Abdul Rahim al-Huwaiti refused to let a land registry committee value his property and was shot by Saudi authorities one day later, when the clearance mission to evict the villagers was taking place. It was reported that he had posted videos on social media protesting the evictions.

As noted by the BBC, Saudi state security at the time claimed that Al-Huwaiti fired on security and that he was then shot in retaliation. However, human rights groups have said he was killed for refusing to leave the area and comply with eviction orders.

While the BBC noted that it was not able to “independently verify Col. Alenezi’s comments about lethal force,” it said a “source” who was familiar with the inner workings of Saudi intelligence told them that Alenezi’s testimony about the clearance mission, as well as the details about it, were accurate in terms of what such clearance missions entail.

Another 47 villagers have been arrested for not going along with evictions, many of them being leveled terrorism-related charges.

Alenezi noted that he does not regret his decision to ignore his clearance orders for the project, saying, “Mohamed Bin Salman will let nothing stand in the way of the building of Neom.”

“I started to become more worried about what I might be asked to do to my own people,” he noted.

“The Line” is the flagship “green” project of what is known as Neom, a $1.5 trillion development on the area’s Red Sea. It is being built as part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 strategy, which looks to move the kingdom’s economy away from oil and its vast reserves.

“The Line” is in lockstep with United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes phasing out coal-fired power plants, reducing fertilizer usage, and curbing natural gas use over the coming decades.

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