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Climate Fear Plummets Among Americans

Concern about climate change continues to fall across many polled territories around the world. Interestingly, it is often the young, who have been subject to relentless fear mongering all their lives, who have started to lose interest in a narrative informing them that the scientific process is ‘settled’ in the interests of the Net Zero collectivisation. Poll after poll is pointing to falling concern. The latest from New Jersey-based Monmouth University shows a dramatic fall over three years from among those aged 18-34 who believe climate change – generally understood as human-caused climate change – is a “very serious problem”. An even bigger fall is reported in the same age group of those who support Government climate change action.

As the graph below shows, the percentage in the age group 18-34 who think climate change is a very serious problem has fallen from 67% to 50% since 2021. Significant falls are also reported across all age groups. The overall proportion of Americans who believe climate change is a very serious problem has fallen below half for the first time since 2018. The fall in support for Government action, at a time when the Biden Administration is forcing future generations to pay for a deficit-busting green boondoggle, is also dropping sharply, and is down among the young from an 82% high in 2018 to 62% today.

Other polls have pointed to declining support for the notion that humans control the climate and burning hydrocarbons is leading to Thermogeddon. Last year a poll conducted by a group within the University of Chicago found that belief in humans causing all or most climate change had slumped in America to 49% from the 60% level recorded just five years ago. Similar falls have been recorded elsewhere, with a December 2022 IPSOS survey covering two thirds of the world’s population revealing that nearly four people in every 10 believed climate change was mainly due to natural causes.

All these polls will be alarming alarmists with a suspicion that constant wolf-calling is starting to lose effect among the jaded young. Climate change is becoming so last Tuesday. The world has many problems to be solved, but bad weather is just a fact of life. It doesn’t take massive intelligence to see that none of the predictions over the last 40 years of impending climate collapse have come to pass. The fear is that the young see Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, claiming the world is “boiling”, and far from being scared witless and not having babies, they wonder how such a plonker rose so high in international politics.

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