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Asylum seekers given £3,000 to move to Rwanda eligible to re-enter UK after five years

The UK government last week sent its first failed asylum seeker to Rwanda – the east African country Rishi Sunak says he wants to deport people to as a deterrent to those trying to cross the English Channel.

Last month, the prime minister said the first plane of deportees will take off within 10-12 weeks after a controversial law deeming the country ‘safe” was finally passed.

On 1 May, it emerged that the government had sent its first failed asylum seeker to the east African nation – not by being deported, but via a lesser-known means called the “assisted voluntary returns” scheme.

The scheme began in 1999 and has seen tens of thousands of people without the right to remain in the UK leave the country voluntarily. As part of this, individuals are given a cash – or similar – “support” payment via a single payment on a card before they leave the UK. People can only use the card in their home country.

Accepting the payment means individuals are only eligible to return to the UK and re-apply for asylum after five years. Those who leave voluntarily without taking a payment are eligible to return after two years.

The first of these deportations to Rwanda took place on 29 April, when a man of “African origin” who was denied asylum took a flight after reportedly receiving a payment of £3,000.

Theo Lester, a barrister at 36 Group, which specialises in immigration, told Yahoo News that the Assisted Voluntary Returns scheme has been available for 25 years, with the current version of the scheme having been in place since 2019.

Lester said: “At that time, up to £1,500 cash or ‘in-kind’ support was available for the ‘VRS Assisted Asylum’ returns scheme, or £2,000 for the VRS Assisted Family’ scheme, with a further £1,000 available under the ’VRS – additional assistance’ scheme.”

According to a government report from 2005, the average awarded was between £1,000 to £3,000. In 2023, the government carried out 19,253 voluntary deportations.

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