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Welcome to Britain: Terrifying moment driver knocks masked phone thief off his bike only to be confronted by yob’s machete-waving accomplice

Shocking scenes in London saw an alleged phone thief knocked off his bike and confronted – before being quickly backed up by his machete-wielding accomplice.

The chaos unfolded in Stratford, North East London on Sunday 5 May and was captured on the dashcam of a passing car.

The man, who had allegedly nicked a mobile, was sent flying after being ploughed into by a car, but duly received reinforcement in the form of his pal brandishing the large knife at his assailant.

However, as the second cyclist pedals by, a car in the same lane as the filming motor suddenly pulls out onto the other side of the road.

The car deliberately smashes into the man’s bike and sends him flying into a tree, causing him to spin off his bike and falling to the pavement.

The car comes to a stop on the other side of the road as the injured thug gets to his feet and runs off, limping, after his pal.

Seconds later the alleged thief’s partner returns to dish out revenge, cycling quickly back into frame with his accomplice at his side.

The driver exits the vehicle and begins to shout at the thugs, but quickly backtracks after the second masked man whips out a massive machete and rides towards the driver.

With the cavalry there to back him up, the thug who was knocked down picks the abandoned bike up from the side of the road and remounts it.

The footage of the chaotic confrontation was shared to social media yesterday (TUE) with the caption: ‘Phone thief hit by car, his partner pulls out machete.

‘From a local [Facebook] group in Stratford. Looks like the driver recognised the thieves and tried to stop them. No one appears to be harmed, but that’s pretty scary.’

The video of the altercation has received over 2,500 likes and more than 440 comments from social media users left stunned by the chaos.

One user said: ‘As someone who’s been threatened with a machete, it should be immediate prison for carrying.’

Another added: ‘He had the right idea until he got out of his car.’

A third commented: ‘Its one thing being a disgusting thief but to also carry a machete… absolute scumbags.’

Another joked: ‘So happy to see the tradition of banditry return to England. True Elizabethan values.

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