Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 May 2024

The Chaos of the Pandemic Timeline by Celeste Solum


Under the cover of “biosecurity” we are witnessing a transfer of POWER from the Dragon (of old) to the Beast giving him his “seat” (throne), and great authority. We will see all hell breaking out upon the face of the earth as these plans come to fruition, superimposing a synthetic shell over the Original Design.  

What I am submitting to you is only a taste of the layer upon layer, brick upon brick, of plans that are operational.  I know for sure that the depth is at least 250 layers thanks to the World Economic Forum infographic.  If I had to venture a guess about how many plans are in play and it would be not a comprehensive guess, I would estimate over 2000, more than likey exponentially more.

As you view the following recent and historical documents please keep these critical notes in mind:

  • Do not view a single issue or document as a silo being the end-all-be-all.  No one document contains “everything.” You need an operational environment viewing all your hazards, even if it is a casual understanding.  
  • This Integrated Weapon System is being turned over to a non-human AI force.  
  • Unfortunately you must look at all the pieces to understand and make wise decisions of this new unified system.
  • The new technolgy to change the world is turning over every 18 DAYS!  This will soon be reduced to every 48 hours.  Moore’s Law for technology development/deployment was broken years ago, it was 18 month’s.
  • Do not trust “words” in anything but the Bible, because with the semantic shell game, word definitions can be changed in as little as every 48 hours.  The game the fact that you do not have access to the new Glossary which is a Living Document.
  • I do not believe in evolution.  This is an engineered synthetic system for a synthetic planet devoid of all original design.  It did not just happen.  It is been incrementally introduced so that you would not see it.
  • There is an Invisibility Algorithim at work here handshaking with frequencies, witchcraft, biologicals, chemicals, devices, and PsyOps that kept devious plots from your conciousness.
  • No single source has ALL the pieces no matter how high their security clearance goes.
  • Regarding sources on the front lines.  By design, they were forced into a gladatorial ring to fight to the death (many are not even aware of this).  Our adversary is getting you to help “pick-off” the frontliners when you quibble and quarrel about who are the best sources.  Do not engage in “source warfare”. 

Our true original design is deep within the recesses of our being and Spirit.  You can overcome through Jesus Christ and His overcoming all adversaries and even death.


Army PsyOps

Deployed:  May 2, 2024

I believe in letting these power brokers speak in their own words so that you can see how they believe they are playing mankind.  I will do some commentary, but not much.  The goal of this article is to show you the breadth of this wicked scheme.  You can then contrast the depth, width, a breadth of the love of God the Father and Jesus Christ, as compared to this lawless evil.

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