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Twin Flame Unions Are a Priority Now

Last October I wrote an article about how Twin Flames and Truth Vibrations can dismantle the simulation, see link:

Until a week ago I was under the impression that we need to keep on working discovering and putting out the truth as we see it regarding the plandemic, the deaths and injuries caused by the Covid jabs, the organizations and people manipulating world events, the planned outcome of all their agendas and much more. And then sometimes later Twin Flame Unions will help bring in the truth vibrations.

It’s obvious that discovering and putting out the truth is a grand undertaking and an uphill battle with obstacles around every corner. This became obvious to me recently when I was trying to get something done by third parties to prove viable treatment methods for the jabbed.

Different scenarios were going through my head of how to get this done without bringing the wrath and obstacles full force against me and others.  All in all, I felt like in a James Bond movie with villains (governments) putting up roadblocks on the path at every corner and if that didn’t work, employ threatening measures.

Then, a few days into this I was sitting in my Jacuzzi spending a little time in heart space, connected to All that Is and I received an important insight – or one could also call it a download of a concept. I was looking at the priorities all wrong. Instead of fighting this uphill battle, the first priority is for Twin Flames around the planet to come into union which will “punch holes in the simulation wall” and let in more and more truth vibrations from outside the simulation, holding these refined vibrations more and more and eventually affecting and helping to awaken others. This includes people who work in government positions such as police officers, customs officers, people working for the FDA, DEA and all the other agencies. Once they begin to awaken, they may no longer be following strict orders to block people from pursuing and putting out the truth but rather begin to support and enable them.

Jen McCarty put out a book about this subject and recently did a series of interviews with Christianne van Wijk on Messengers on Ickonic talking about Twin Flames. I almost fell off my chair a few times when she said things I knew from past episodes of “downloads” and insights I had received. Until late summer last year I had never heard about the Twin Flames concept. I was brought to the knowledge about this concept by a series of amazing synchronicities. Most of what I knew though didn’t come from reading about it, but an instant knowingness and insights that come between sleeping and awakening.

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