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Spain’s Business Scene

It is true that Spain is one of the countries that attract so many visitors every year, but apart from tourists and visitors, Spain’s magnetic appeal also spreads to investors and businessmen as well. The country is at a crossroads between Europe, America, and Africa and this fact makes it one the countries with the highest potential for growth in terms of business. It’s strategic location alone makes it indispensable, and it is safe to say it serves as a gateway to facilitate trade and investment across continents. Other factors like the country’s world-class transportation networks, ports, and logistics hubs, makes the business scene favorable to a lot of investors and entrepreneurs. It improves networking and makes trading smooth. One can’t ignore the stance of the government since their policies can have a significant impact on businesses. As one would expect from a government that strives for progress, the government of Spain actually takes interest in the business environment and impacts most of the industries, they even try as much as they can to promote foreign investments, as can be seen from the fact that foreigners can buy almost any properties for sale in Spain. Stable governance, transparent regulations, and investor-friendly policies, it is pretty obvious that the government shows a supportive stance to the industries and welcomes foreign investment.

Why Businesses Choose Spain

Spain has a very diverse economy, they are into tourism, tech, renewable energy, agriculture etc. and this makes multinational corporations and even small and medium enterprises to fight for a chance to establish in Spain. It is one of those countries that has the capability of boosting your company’s potential to levels where even you don’t believe. They have population and population means a wide range of audience and consumers, they provide a stable labor market, they have a skilled workforce and the government also allows some breathing space by giving incentives every now and then, capabilities and access to funding and incentives. Investors mostly choose Spain because of its potential for growth, and this is even reflected in the business or investment as mentioned earlier.

They say all work and no play, Spain also offers a vibrant lifestyle that some entrepreneurs actually need. If you want to live and work in Spain, it is the right choice because no matter how you look at it, this place gives a lively atmosphere, something we all have a need for after a day of work. Spain continues to attract more business and investors using its market stability, supportive government policies and a nice quality of life. 

Recommended Businesses for Foreigners

The laws and policies guiding foreigners are not too strict on their business interests or investment options, so foreigners can engage in a lot of innovative businesses in Spain. However you look at it though, some are still better than others.

  1. So, first and foremost, we have usual Hospitality and Tourism. Since Spain is a booming tourism destination, running a tour company, or any hospitality-related services is actually the best business to do. It is recommended that you plan your set up in popular destinations especially Barcelona and Madrid.
  2. The second most recommended would be to invest in some real estate. Again, mainly because Spain is a really popular tourist destination, the demand for accommodations is really high. Anyone, be it local or foreigner can provide this service. The Spanish government also allows foreigners to own just about any type of real estate property, as such you can capitalize on this point to take in some dough. According to, buying real estate for investment in Spain is also an option, you don’t need the rental yields, only need to wait for capital appreciation and you can have passive income.
  3. Third, you can run language and cultural services. Well, this is only viable if you’ve stayed in Spain long enough to understand their language and culture such that you will be able to easily translate them to others. You can help foreigners close the language and culture barrier by teaching them the language and helping them with translation of the Spanish language, arts and culture.
  4. Technology is another thriving industry in Spain. Foreigners can launch startups, digital agencies, and apply innovative ideas to differentiate yourself. Tech-related businesses like software development, e-commerce, fintech, and cybersecurity are some areas that foreigners will do really well in Spain. Remote workers and digital nomads are in cities like Barcelona and the country’s capital, Madrid.
  5. Another industry that needs the innovations if foreigners is the food and beverage Industry. Surely, the locals have enough of their own food, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to provide with something foreign. There are also visitors who would want a taste of home in s foreign country. That being said, you can still include Spanish delicacies to add a bit of variety to your menu. It’s all about getting to the customer’s heart through their belly, isn’t it?
  6. Hospital? Yeah, no! Highly doubt any country would give foreigners access to something like that so easily. However, there are other health and wellness practices spa, fitness and yoga services. A lot of people actually travel to relax and rejuvenate, so you can consider this a very good option as well.

It’s a good list don’t you agree? That’s about it for businesses that foreigners can thrive in Spain. It’s left to you to conduct more research of course, this much information is just barely scratching the surface. If you are interested in investment instead, then consider:

  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare and Biotechnology
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Financial Services.

A Prospect to Look Forward To

As a country with a lot of prospects in the business world, Spain is a land of many opportunities. From a diverse economy that caters to people from different industries, to a supportive government that makes policies to support businesses and attract foreign investments. Likewise, if you can make real estate investment, you probably should since real estate and hospitality industries are leading industries in Spain.

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