Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 May 2024

I have to smile ironically at the sudden outrage at fascist censorship laws like those going through the Canadian parliament under Cult-owned Trudeau. I was warning in the books decades ago this was coming

The Cult bottom line is control of perception, thus behaviour, and perception is formed from information. To control perception you must control information. To control information you must have censorship – and we have seen NOTHING yet. We now either refuse to submit or we go under full-blown 1984. 
The Internet was created by its own admission by Pentagon tech-arm, DARPA, and the idea was to get communication of information into an electrical/digital form that could then be controlled by algorithms from a central point which they could not do in the same way with the far more decentralised diversity of printed information. This plan is in my books long ago and here we are. 
As I have said since Musk fronted Twitter/X, these national and EU laws will give him the means to censor while retaining God status within the Mainstream Alternative Media (MAM) because ‘Elon doesn’t want to censor, but he has no choice’. He has said that Twitter/X will respect legally-passed national laws. He’s telling you as his WEF CEO is telling him.

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