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Moment cyclist crashes into pensioner at Sadiq Khan’s ‘floating’ bus stop: Disability campaigners call for the controversial designs to be ‘urgently halted’

Footage captured the moment a cyclist smashed into a pensioner while whizzing past one of Sadiq Khan‘s floating bus stops.

The elderly pedestrian is seen walking across the bike lane to reach the bus stop at a zebra crossing when they are caught by the passing cyclist and hurled to the floor.

So called ‘floating’ bus stops have been a topic of contention in London, with leaked figures showing that as many as 60 per cent of cyclists do not give way at zebra crossings.

In the clip shared by blind charity NFBUK, cyclists are even seen swerving onto the pavement where the crossing is flush with the cycle lane.

It called for the ‘chaotic and downright dangerous’ junctions,  such as the one near St Thomas’s hospital on Westminster bridge, to be scrapped.

It added that the configuration put visually impaired people at particular risk, with the boarding ‘islands’ shown to be too narrow for users of mobility canes when stepping off buses.

It said: ‘These designs are not safe and they need to be urgently halted.’

Shared use bus boarders (SUBBs), as they are officially known, require pedestrians to venture across segregated cycle lanes with often constant bike traffic to board their bus.

A common feature on streets in the Netherlands, they have now become more prevalent in the capital since the pandemic, when London Mayor Sadiq Khan rolled out 62 miles of cycle lanes in just 12 months.

They have been previously dubbed ‘polished turds’ by transport officials, who say they can feel dangerous for older and disabled people.

According to the Highway Code, cyclists should ‘give way to pedestrians on shared use cycle tracks’ and take care to allow them plenty of room.

It adds that they should always be ‘prepared to slow down and stop if necessary’.

Findings from video footage of eight floating bus stops around London showed that just 40 per cent of cyclists yielded to pedestrians following an interaction.

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