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How to Choose Instagram Growth Service Online for Your Brand?

Instagram has more than a billion active users who embrace the platform for many different reasons. That is why brands and companies with online presence love Instagram for its unique opportunity to connect with the active audience. However, even as a brand with a lot of experience growing a follower base and engagement on Instagram can be a challenging task. This is the exact reason why a lot of growth services appeared in the digital era. 


The growth services help brands increase their followers, engagement, and visibility on Instagram. They have many different tools and packages that contribute to fast growth rates on the platform. But with so many options available how do you choose the most suitable one for your business? Our article will help you with that. 

Instagram Growth Goals

The first step in finding the best service provider for your brand is to understand what you need. Is it your follower base that you want to increase? Or, is it the low engagement rates that bother you? Maybe you want to drive more clicks and visits to your website link in your profile bio? Or maybe you are selling products through your Instagram post and you look forward to boosting the conversions? Your goals help you understand better the criteria for the most appropriate Instagram growth agency. 

Best Growth Services According to Goals

  • Mixx – increasing follower base


Mixx is the best platform to grow your Instagram follower base. It comes with numerous packages for followers that help you increase your audience in just a few days. The best thing about Mixx is its affordable rates – 500 followers for just $3.90 and 10,000 followers for $39.90. You will not be able to find any other service that offers the same price system as MIxx. 

  • SocialWick – increasing likes on posts


SocialWick has many different services including Instagram followers, however, we recommend using this platform for likes and comments. The price for the comments package starts at $0.33 per 10 Comments and as for the likes packages it starts at $0.04 per 10 Likes. We recommend SocialWick because it offers the cheapest Instagram likes package on the market. 

  • BuyTopLikes – improving conversion metrics


BuyTopLikes is the only reliable platform that provides different conversion metrics and their boosting packages. You can use the platform to increase link clicks on your stories and Instagram bios, poll votes, mentions, post shares, profile visits, etc. These metrics help you get more collaboration opportunities, as the majority of influencers look at these exact features for future partnerships. Some of the features are even available for $1 which makes BuyTopLIkes one of the most affordable services on the internet. 

Research and Check for Transparency

Your brand will suffer from poor service packages and a low-quality strategy from the service providers. If any of the companies that you partner with for Instagram growth use bots, fake Instagram profiles, or artificial intelligence, your account will likely be suspended by Instagram’s policymakers. That is why transparency is the key. Research and find companies that are upfront with their methods, pricing, and expected results. Make sure that you read reviews about each of the options you research and see if the past customers are satisfied. 

Most Transparent Instagram Growth Services

  • Socialgreg


Socialgreg had some transparency issues in the past – their customers complained a lot about getting a result that was beyond their expectations. That is why brands decided to be more open about their packages and service plans. At the moment, they also offer a free trial that helps prospective clients check the quality of Instagram accounts beforehand and decide afterward if they want to pay money for those accounts. Socialgreg also provides more services than Twicsy and Buzzoid other than followers, likes, comments, and views. 

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to find the right Instagram growth service for your brand. There are many factors to consider and a lot more challenges and confusing details in the digital era. You need to be careful and considerate when researching your options online. We recommend that you take two key criteria for filtering the desired service providers: suitability with your goals and transparency. If the company that you invest in is both transparent and suitable for your business goals the chances of positive outcomes are very high. Always define your goals, evaluate different options, and prioritize transparency. This way you are guaranteed to achieve your Instagram marketing objectives effectively and ethically.

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