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Biometrics expand in and beyond airports, even as opponents try to kick them out

By Chris Burt

Biometrics for getting through the airport, and in one case beyond it was a common theme in four of the most-read articles of the past week on Biometric Update. The TSA continues to roll out CAT 2’s supplied by Idemia even as legislators try again to stymie the program, and NEC XON claims a success in Zimbabwe. Clear is enrolling people for PreCheck, as lawmakers try to dislodge the company from its place in California airports, and Digi Yatra could soon be used by more people for more things. Elsewhere, Worldcoin continues its slow-dance with Latin American regulatory authorities, while a change in Brazilian regulation is opening up a market for biometrics providers like CAF, Legitimuz, IDnow and Sumsub.

U.S. airports and legislators continue to struggle with the legacy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, with a pair of Senators proposing an amendment to existing legislation as part of a reauthorization bill to block TSA’s airport biometrics rollout. Meanwhile, TSA continues to expand the program, requesting funds to deploy more of its CAT2s, which are supplied by Idemia. Meanwhile, California state legislators are considering a proposal to push Clear out of standard and TSA security lanes at state airports.

Coincidentally, biometrics enrollment for TSA PreCheck with Clear has officially launched at three airports, with more on the way. The company has also deployed registration and traveler verification kiosks at Kahului Airport in Hawaii, which is also shifting its TSA PreCheck lanes.

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