Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 4 May 2024

British MP Andrew Bridgen Digs Deep into the COVID Debacle

How were so many bad COVID policies, all lacking scientific backing, forced on many different countries simultaneously? Many Unanswered Questions Require Deep Investigation to Treat Our True Ailments.

The MP for North West Leicestershire in UK, Andrew Bridgen is one of very few parliamentarians in Western World who is seeking some accountability for the massive abuses imposed on the world population in the name of fighting COVID-19. From the inception of the manufactured COVID crisis, elected officials in most jurisdictions have been notably absent when it come to putting up protections against the assault on the public health and civil liberties of their own constituents.

The sabotage of the people by our elected representatives continues now that the time has come for some reckoning with the extensive damage being done by the COVID injections. This sabotage continues to be perpetrated by the medical establishment’s reckless embrace of further untested techniques for the inducement of genetic modifications as a main method for treating disease and sickness.

Our legislatures have become zones of group think enforced by bribery and institutionalized blackmail. This propensity has made our places for public decision-making in the West into rubber stamps for the secret machinations of globally-interlocked executive branches.

Among elected officials, Andrew Bridgen doesn’t have much company in his principled stand pointed against the machinations of the well-organized criminal clique he opposes. This clique has seized perversely on the manipulation of public health as the basis of a power grab to further concentrate control over wealth and power. Prominent among his few peers in the realm of elected officials are Senator Ron Johnson in the United States and Christine Anderson in the European Parliament.

Anderson is the most prominent voice among a handful of EU parliamentarians who did not go along with the COVID jabs, the lockdowns, the mandates, and the unseemly rush to embrace the genetic modification of humans under the guise of science-based advancement in public health.

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