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Record 711 migrants crossed the Channel yesterday – the highest number on a single day this year – after boat with 66 men, women and children on board was rescued off Dieppe

Some 711 people were detected crossing the English Channel on Wednesday, the highest number on a single day so far this year, according to provisional figures from the Home Office.

The cumulative number of arrivals by small boats in 2024 now stands at a provisional total of 8,278.

This is 34% higher than the total at the equivalent point last year, which was 6,192, and 19% higher than the total at this stage in 2022, which was 6,945.

Some 14 boats were detected on Wednesday, which suggests an average of around 51 people per boat.

Channel crossings had already hit a new record high for the first four months of a calendar year, jumping 34% on 2023 when 6,192 were recorded and up 19% on the total at this stage in 2022 (6,945).

Last year 29,437 migrants arrived in the UK, down 36% on a record 45,774 arrivals in 2022.

The number of people coming across the channel is ‘unacceptable’. the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said.

‘That is exactly why we need to get flights off the ground to Rwanda to provide the effective deterrent such that people know if they arrive here illegally they won’t be able to stay here.’

He added: ‘Whilst we’ve seen these high figures in recent weeks … in the last 12 months small boats crossings are still down by 33% compared to 2022’, citing work with French police and the deterrent effect of the Albania returns scheme as being among the reasons behind the drop.

He said the Rwanda scheme would provide a similar deterrent but declined to provide predictions on how much crossings could drop by after deportations to Rwanda begin.

Since the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act became law after receiving Royal Assent on Thursday last week, 1,611 migrants have made the journey in 32 boats.

The highest-ever number of arrivals in a single day is 1,295 and was recorded on August 22, 2022.

The news comes as a migrant boat packed with 66 people on board was rescued off Dieppe trying to cross the Channel – where the stretch of water between France and the UK is at least 65 miles wide.

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