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China Is Buying US Food Supply Chain

Most Americans are not aware of the multiple threats China is posing in America now. China is waging a different kind of war as shown in Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America. Fortunately, a growing number of Americans are waking up and sounding the alarm!

Kristi Noem is the Governor of South Dakota. She is a rancher, farmer, small business owner, married, mother of three children, and New York Times bestselling author of Not My First Rodeo: Lessons Learned From the Heartland. In 2010, after serving in the South Dakota House of Representatives from 2007-2011, Noem was elected as South Dakota’s lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2011-2018. In 2018, she was elected as South Dakota’s first female Governor. In 2022, Governor Noem was re-elected with the largest vote total in the history of South Dakota.

Governor Noem discusses the dangers that China poses to American agriculture.
She explains that the Chinese government has been taking over our food supply chain including our:

Fertilizer companies, controlling our ability to access fertilizer
Chemical companies
Processing facilities
Governor Noem warns,

Now they are coming for our land which will complete their control of our food supply. Between 2010 and 2020, the Chinese Communist Party’s holding of American agricultural land increased by 5,300%. China now owns about 384,000 acres of American farmland valued at over $2 billion When America can’t feed itself, it becomes a national security issue…. Recent media reports show that the largest Chinese holder of American farmland is shipping food and medical supplies to China to be stockpiled by the Chinese military.

Governor Noem points out that China claimed the land it bought in South Dakota was for a corn processing plant, but there wasn’t enough corn in that area to supply the plant. However, the plant is just miles from a military installation. Governor Noem explains that America cannot buy land in China and there’s no reason Americans should allow China to buy land here.

Former President Donald Trump says that if he retakes the White House, he will ban Chinese nationals from buying US farmland or owning telecommunications, energy, technology and medical supplies companies. “China is buying up our technology. They’re buying up food supplies. They’re buying up our farmland. They’re buying up our minerals and natural resources. They’re buying up our ports and shipping terminals. And with the help of corrupt influence-peddlers like the Biden crime family, China is even trying to buy up the pillars of the US energy industry,” the 45th president says.

“While some are focused on China’s purchases near power plants and military bases, the fact is we should be very concerned about all Chinese Communist activity in the United States. As I’ve long said, economic security is national security,” Trump continues. “China does not allow American companies to take over their critical infrastructure and America should not allow China to take over our critical infrastructure … To protect our country, we need to enact aggressive new restrictions on Chinese ownership of any vital infrastructure in the United States, including energy, technology, telecommunications, farmland, natural resources, medical supplies and other strategic national assets.

“We should stop all future Chinese purchases in these essential industries. And we should begin the process of forcing the Chinese to sell any current holdings that put our national security at risk,” the former president goes on. “If we don’t do this, the United States will be owned by China.”

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