Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 1 May 2024

This is a classic that so many don’t see. It has been clear all along to anyone paying attention (see my books for decades) that Soros is Israel’s man. Don’t listen to the words, look at the outcomes

By playing the ‘I am not a Zionist’ act most miss his real role in the Vaudeville show. Ultra-Zionists (Sabbatian cultists) are behind the mass immigration into Europe and North America and who is the biggest funder of that through his Open Society [open border] Foundations? Soros. 
Sabbatian Zionists want civil war in America and they fund both ‘sides’ to achieve that. Sabbatians couldn’t care less about the consequences for Jewish people – they are just pawns to them. The Cult has no ‘nation’ and no borders. It works through and across all of them. Ultra-Zionist Sabbatians control Biden (see who holds the major posts in ‘his’ government) and they control Trump as was clear by his presidency and his statements to this day. 
This is the stupidity of taking political ‘sides’. Choose justice and fairness for all people and challenge injustice and unfairness for all people. Be on the ‘side’ of justice and fairness – no matter who is involved. That way you will never be on the multiple ‘sides’ of the Global Cult. 
For the BIG picture and the background to the Sabbatians see –

The Dream

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