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The True Child-Indoctrination Centres These Days Are Being Run by the State

Can modern children really trust what they are being taught in their schools?

I well remember my shock, aged around 12 years old, when I first read in a school science textbook the distressing news that the world’s supplies of oil were due to run out in approximately 30 short years’ time, a period when I hoped still to be alive. It was not only power and heating-supplies that would be affected by this looming shortage, the textbook warned: in chemically-processed form, oil was used to make everything from textiles to plastics, rendering modern life essentially unliveable. It turned out even some forms of rope were manufactured using oil-derivatives, making it impossible to so much as hang yourself, once society collapsed by the time I reached my 40s.

Then, however, I noticed something which seemed to make the whole situation even worse. According to the copyright notice at the front of the textbook, it had first been published 10 years beforehand. So, presumably, this meant humanity now had only 20 years left of life outside the neo-Dark Ages, not 30 at all! Therefore, when it came to answering the subsequent comprehension question, “How many years until the oil runs out?” I asked my teacher if I was supposed to actually write down this smaller number instead. “No,” I was told. “The answer’s still 30.” I didn’t understand. Had mankind suddenly found some more stores of untapped oil in the interim? Say, around 10 years’ worth? Explanation came there none.

This, by the way, was approximately 30 years ago now. And yet, strangely enough, the oil is still here – but only for a limited amount of time. According to some current estimates, we now have around – ooh, let’s see – yes, that’s right, about 30 years’ worth. In 30 years’ time, I suspect, this number may remain curiously exactly the same.

Class Action

I do not mean to imply that Earth’s oil will not one day run out for real some distant day eventually, simply that the school textbook responsible for teaching my younger self this news was spreading alarmist notions that it would do so in a much, much shorter timeframe than was actually the case, presumably for unspoken politico-environmentalist reasons.

Things are way worse in Western classrooms now, though. Three decades later, the valuable resource which actually appears to have run out is any last reserves of restraint amongst those who would politically and ‘scientifically’ indoctrinate our young. This was clearly demonstrated by an alarming investigative reporting exposé in the Times last week about a so-called ‘illegal school’ named Universallkidz (spelling isn’t on the curriculum there) operating in Stockport, whose teaching materials, staff and syllabus content were presented as being, to use the technical pedagogical term, absolutely bleeding mental.

The clear implication of the Times’s report was that children attending the place were at severe risk of coming to harm or being indoctrinated neck-deep into totally anti-scientific, politically extreme ultra-weirdness. Well, maybe some 2020s schoolkids are indeed being placed in danger of such appalling, adult teacher-led, classroom abuse and intellectual and moral grooming. Just look at the following piece of loony claptrap being pushed to teens today under the name of – hem-hem – ‘sex education’:

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