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Who is the head of the snake behind the Great Reset, Covid and Global Warming hoaxes?

Reporter and author Elizabeth Nickson delves into the groups and aims of those behind the agenda being implemented in the West.  Having grown up in a privileged home in Canada, she is able to give some personal insight into how these people think.

They Break Every Family, Every Country

By Elizabeth Nickson

Last Sunday’s ‘Demonic Flooding of Americawas so popular, this is its companion piece, a fleshed-out examination of the Head of the Snake; the cabal that is behind the Great Reset, the Covid and Global Warming hoaxes, and every profit-bonanza-war of the last thirty, if not 500 years, but especially Ukraine.

They call themselves by a proliferation of names: the Olympians, the Elect, Bilderbergers, the 300, demi-gods, the Black Nobility, other silly secret names that must not be spoken. They are secret because their intent is evil. They practice the occult – foolish and irresponsible – they are “Masons” of the crazy branch, a cult that operates entirely in the dark and entirely for themselves. They are as power-hungry as Hillary Clinton and far more corrupt than she or Biden or his dreadful son. They have been around for a thousand years, laughably tracing their bloodlines back to Sumer and the Pharaohs and they think that is important. In fact, who they are is Hunter Biden; he is their id, the visual manifestation of their disgusting decadence and sexual compulsion. Hunter, to my mind, was brought into their cult and went mad with the drugs, the blood-drinking, the killing and the sexual sacrifices, the intimacy rites that fuel their power.

I wish I was kidding. I wish like hell this wasn’t true.

What I am attempting is to skirt the depths of paranoia by using real-world data, and actual documents, as well as planning that is in the public domain and established fact. I am using personal experience in order to real-world it. So many writers in this area tip over into the unprovable, and of course, this is deliberate, yet another foul psyop run on the defenceless and innocent.

grew up in the richest neighbourhood in Canada, Westmount, and in the old money summer place of Canada, or one of them. We were part of them and not. My parents’ heritage was American, originally, which was a count against us. Both ancestors arrived in Connecticut in the 1630s when there were a mere handful of settlers in the River Colony and 375 years later, they somehow found each other.

This is how rich the neighbourhood was: My second-favourite boarding school roommate’s family house was a castle numbering 50,000 square feet.

This is how close we were to MKUltra and Allan Dulles: That house, Ravenscrag, was given to Allan Dulles and psychiatrist Ewan Cameron, after the family’s four sons died in the second war.  That house was where my mother was used as an experimental subject in MKUltra.

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