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Nanotech Turning Us Into Cyborgs Is Real

Lipid Nano Particles a.k.a Hydrogels are used in the Covid shots with the excuse that they deliver mRNA to cells at the injection site where the mRNA enters the nucleus locally and produces the “Spike Protein” so the body can create antibodies against it to protect us from the “virus”.  As such LNPs promoted not as an active ingredient, but only as a transport vehicle for the “real active ingredient- the mRNA”. It is also claimed that they contain only Polyethylene Glycol, PEG. It turns out that basically none of that is true.

First, if there is mRNA in the vials, it didn’t remain local but was distributed to the entire body.
Secondly, many vials did not contain any mRNA as no Nitrogen nor Phosphorus was found which are mandatory elements of mRNA.
Third, the LNPs are not merely transport vehicles but make up the bulk of nanotechnology now in the bodies of the jabbed. Together with Graphene, the toxic metals Aluminum and Barium and electromagnetic frequencies they begin a self-assembling process inside the body to produce nano sized sensor and communication devices that can emit and receive signals and perform tasks.

Thanks to the patent research by Karen Kingston on LNPs, we know what they have been designed to do for many years: Hydrogels are used in regenerative medicine to build scaffolding as a support structure on which cells can form tissues1-5.
Smart hydrogels respond to external stimuli like temperature, pH, light, magnetic and electric fields and enzymatic environment. Some scaffolds contain gelatin-graphene oxide. Hydrogels can absorb water up to several thousand times their weight and swell. It can mold itself and take up the shape of the cavity it is in. I and others suspect that hydrogels are part of the fibrous clots, also called Calamari clots pulled out of the deceased by embalmers and also found inside the tubing and filters of the EBOO machines.

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