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It’s all a game … Trump and DeSantis Meet Privately in Miami, Agree to Fundraising Deal

Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis met privately in Miami on Sunday, Republican sources told Fox News. If true, this is the first time Trump and DeSantis have met since the Florida Governor brought to an end his unsuccessful bid to be the Republic presidential candidate.

During the meeting, which is said to have lasted several hours, DeSantis agreed to help Trump in his fundraising efforts for his presidential campaign.

The Washington Post reported that the meeting was orchestrated by Steve Witkoff, a Florida real-estate broker who is a mutual friend of Trump and DeSantis, after DeSantis approached him ten days ago.

The meeting and agreement marks a significant rapprochement between the two men.

Although DeSantis endorsed Trump after bowing out of the presidential race in January and Trump “officially retired” his “Ron DeSanctimonious” nickname, both men have continued to take aim at each other.

In February, DeSantis suggested that Trump’s inner circle was filled with people “who were part of our orbit years ago that we fired” and “just have an ax to grind.”

A Trump official responded by calling DeSantis a “sad little man.”

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