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Small Businesses Are Drowning in EDI Red Tape

I remember sitting in my father in law’s office. I was a spotty 30 year-old executive so this would have been around 2001. We were discussing HR, the bane of his life. He ran an oil and gas Engineering Recruitment Business and was bemoaning that he increasingly had to work with HR teams rather than the managers he used to supply to and there was a serious gap in the technical and market knowledge of the HR recruiters who typically had never even seen an oil rig or well, let alone understood how they worked. This was one of the periods in the industry when corporate procurement teams decide that staffing can be commoditised so they write large contracts with the likes of Capita and, well, it doesn’t go well. Eventually they realise this doesn’t work before going back to basics only for the same to creep in over the next five to 10 years. Over the 30 or so years of my career I have seen this cycle rinse and repeat again and again.

At the time, my father in law pointed to a shelf on the wall of his office. There, in all its glory, was a dust covered series of bound volumes of papers from Croners. This was the HR bible for small businesses. If you needed any help or advice, you’d simply reach for Croners and the answer would be there. Every month, Croners would post out update pages and you would swap out the old ones for the new.

My father in law only opened Croners when he was hiring someone or managing sick leave. Mostly they remained closed, only ever opened monthly when his PA would swap out the old for the updates.

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The Trap

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