Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 28 April 2024

Vaccines, autism and an epidemic of official lies

AUTISM rates have escalated from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970s to 1 in 36 today, according to 2024 figures released by the US public health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As you might expect with such a worrying statistic, the CDC acted promptly and decisively: they renamed April’s ‘Autism Awareness Month’ and are now calling it ‘Autism Acceptance Month’.

This has rightly riled the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Children’s Health Defence (CHD), a campaign group founded in 2016 by a group of concerned parents and chaired by independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jnr. CHD said that ‘acceptance’ should be replaced with ‘unacceptable’.

But worse, the horrific increase might have been halted if the government had acted when the vaccine-autism link was first made but they did not. CHD say they have uncovered an alleged fraud used to dismiss the vaccine-autism link and filed a motion on National Autism Day, April 2, to compel the government to release the facts

The case emerged because paediatric neurologist Dr Andrew Zimmerman, who originally served as an expert medical witness for the government in vaccine injury cases, has signed an affidavit saying that there are ‘exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism’.

It was June 2007 when Dr Zimmerman told Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers that he had discovered vaccines could cause autism. He said: ‘I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder.’ His opinion was based on ‘scientific advances’, and his own experience with patients, including the case of Yates Hazlehurst, detailed below.

Dr Zimmerman said that once DOJ lawyers heard this he was fired, and he claims they went on to misrepresent his opinion in federal vaccine court to debunk vaccine-autism claims. He says his evidence shows the DOJ lawyers, who represented the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in vaccine injury cases, repeatedly defrauded the judicial system all the way to the Supreme Court. This meant thousands of vaccine-injured children were denied compensation and the right to have their cases heard.

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