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The Politics of Ritual Abuse – Article by Richard Willett

Whilst conducting some recent research for a forthcoming documentary I am set to present on the ancient origins of Satanic abuse, I came across the McMartin Day Care Case.

Whilst the argument continues as too wether these crimes actually happened or not, and all parties were quitted. This case does show how Satanic Ritual Abuse cases can be used and weaponised for political purposes.

This article is not about wether the McMartins were guilty of these crimes. They were acquitted twice in a court of law and it is down to you wether you believe this to be the correct outcome, regardless of my own personal opinion.

This article seeks to highlight the shallow nature of the entire global political system and how it has no problem using child sexual abuse as a tool for political gain, power and prestige. With a total disregard for all those involved including both the accusers and and accused. In the world of politics all are fair game.

The truth about the crimes is often the last thing in mind when these politicians at elite and even local levels are using CSA and RSA (Ritual Sexual Abuse) cases to get themselves elected or to manipulate and control each other.

It’s a swamp, and those who manage to keep their head above the muddy water care little for truth and justice even when it comes to child abuse. In fact these sorts of crimes appear to be a way into politics for many high level figures.

Nothing But The Truth

The sad truth is that the Satanic abuse of children and sacrificial rituals have been going on for thousands of years in “elite” circles that reach into the heart of local governments, institutions, politics, clubs and the epicentres of all global control.

It is weapon for control, a power play, a sickness and a mode for kompromat (see Jeffery Epstein and Jimmy Savile).

We need look no further than the numerous accounts of sacrificial rituals from the pages of the Biblical text. Such as Abraham being told to sacrifice is most beloved son Isaac to the demonic God Yahweh (Elohim). He was set to pass him through the fire as is the case with the Bohemian Grove ritual to Moloch.

We also have the story of Cronus who is Saturn, devouring his own children until his wife Rhea tricked him into eating a rock believing he had eaten his son Zeus. Zeus was then spirited away to Mt. Dikte on the island of Crete where he was raised by the primeval goddess Gaia (Earth), or in some versions by the Nymphs.

Zeus later returned as an adult to revenge his father Cronus as well as free a number of his siblings and banish Cronus to the Underworld.

Of course these are allegorical stories, which in the case of Cronus and Zeus contains the lesson that what you do to one person will one day be done to you. Cronus (Kronos) emasculated his own father Uranus, which he then feared would eventually happen to him by his own sons (thus he devoured them). As destiny would have it, this would happen when Zeus returned to reap his revenge.

The Grimm Reaper is actually another depiction of Cronus who is also known as Saturn, Old Father Time, Satan, Santa and Death. You could also include the figures Moloch, The Screech Owl and Baal as other depictions of the same character as well as Yahweh.

Tunnels To Truth

Accounts from the children of the McMartin Day Care Centre are often overshadow by the arguments surrounding the adults involved. Years after the case was closed an archaeologist named E. Gary Stickel was hired to further investigate the possibility of tunnels underneath the day care centre which were reported by a number of children.

Mr Stickel’s report claimed to have found evidence of those tunnels. One of the pieces of evidence produced by Stickel’‘s team was a metal plate with a Pentagram engraved on it. But as you research deeper other reports about that report make a counter claim.

The result of all of this confusion and counter claims is that the public get tired, confused, worn out and end up arguing amongst themselves on chat boards and in the Youtube Comments and nothing ever gets solved.

The waters are muddied from the start!

This counter argument against Mr Gary Stickel’ report was written by a W. Joseph Wyatt of Manhattan University. This report is a fascinating insight into not only the account itself but into the left sided academic mindset that tries to disqualify anything they don’t understand with “logic” whilst at the same time accusing Gary Stickel of “confirmation Bias”. Oh the irony!

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