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The lady Cathy O’Brien says is an ‘MKUltra’ mind control victim … Britney Spears, 41, stunningly settles legal battle with dad Jamie, 71, leading HER to foot his $2M bills while getting NOTHING

Britney Spears has shockingly settled her years-long legal battle with dad Jamie Spears and will end up footing his over $2million legal bills while getting nothing in the process.

The 41-year-old pop star  – who recently showed off her sculpted physique – quietly  resolved her legal battle with her 71-year-old father according to TMZ Friday and the singer is said to be furious over the matter.

According to the site, Jamie will not be paying a cent and his Toxic hitmaker daughter will be paying for his legal bills in what is said to be a stunning turn of events.

The publication reports that their sources had said her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, had assured her that she had a solid case.

However she is now going to have to pay her father Jamie’s legal bills which are said to amount to more than $2million.

TMZ also reports that Britney has paid her lawyer Rosengart more than a whopping $4million and is in an even bigger financial hole from the case after the settlement.

Back in February, it seemed like their legal battle was still in it for the long haul  in the aftermath of her conservatorship is still continuing years after the arrangement was ended in 2021 — and Jamie claimed at the time that it was Britney’s doing in new documents.

Jamie wrote  in legal filings obtained Wednesday, February 7 by The Blast that his daughter has been using stall tactics to draw out the case.

He urged the judge overseeing the case not to grant a stay in the case, which could lead to a continuance that would postpone trial start until a later date.

Britney — who claimed that she was forced to give up her ‘freedom’ in order to see her children while under the conservatorship — is about to begin mediation sessions with her father later this month, and he suggests she is trying to stall the until after the mediation, even though he says it will likely be fruitless.

‘There is no reason to stay any portion of the case (as the Court acknowledged at the January 5, 2024 hearing) and there is certainly no basis for staying briefing or any other activity that in any way relates to Jamie’s pending summary judgment motion set for hearing on April 12, 2024,’ Spears’ legal team wrote in their latest filing.

He indicated that he and Britney were unlikely to resolve their issues after spending more than two years without coming to an agreement.

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