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ITV News presenter Rageh Omaar is ‘receiving medical care’ after becoming ‘unwell’ live on air and worrying viewers when he stumbled with his words and struggled to read bulletins – as programme is pulled from ITV+1

An ITV News presenter is ‘receiving medical care’ after he became ‘unwell’ while live on air.

Rageh Omaar, 56, the ITV News International Affairs Editor was presenting the News at Ten show this evening when he suddenly began stumbling over his words and struggling to read the news bulletins.

Although it is still unclear what exactly happened, ITV News have confirmed that Mr Omaar is ‘now receiving medical care’ and he is grateful for all the ‘well wishes’, as viewers were quick to voice their concerns on social media.

‘We are aware that viewers are concerned about Rageh Omaar’s wellbeing,’ an ITV News spokesperson said.

‘Rageh became unwell while presenting News at Ten on Friday and is now receiving medical care. He thanks everyone for their well wishes.’

ITV+1 have also pulled the programme from its re-runs, as a message on screen said: ‘We’ll be back soon. We’re temporarily unable to bring you our +1 service.

‘We will resume shortly.’

In the video, Mr Omaar appears to become shaky and struggles to get his words out when discussing a segment on weekend life.

Viewers were quick to raise their concerns on social media with one user saying: ‘I actually can’t believe ITV let Rageh Omaar do the whole 30 minute show.

‘If he’s ill they have a duty of care to him, if he was under the influence they have a responsibility to the viewers. Seriously hope he is OK because that was tough to watch.’

Another said: ‘What happened to him, is he ok & why didn’t they take him off air?’

While a third said: ‘I thought he was just having problems with the auto cue but I hope he’s feeling better.’

Mr Omaar, a Somali-born British journalist rose to global prominance through his work as a foreign correspondent for the BBC during the invasion of Iraq and the fall of Baghdad in 2003.

He won numerous awards for his exceptional work during this time, including a Peabody Award for his reports for the BBC from Sudan and a BAFTA for the BBC’s coverage of the invasion of Afghanistan in which he was the only western TV journalist to report from inside Taliban-held Kabul.

After this he worked at Al Jazeera International from 2006-2010, where he presented the nightly weekday documentary series Witness, serving as a Middle Eastern correspondent for its London Division.

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