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Drama in the heart of Shakespeare country: Neighbours of Anne Hathaway’s cottage says county lines drug dealers have turned their village into ‘hell’ that police ‘cannot keep safe’

Neighbour’s of Anne Hathaway‘s idyllic cottage say county lines drug dealers have turned their village into ‘hell’ and police can’t keep them safe.

Furious locals living next to the historic Shakespeare property in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, say they live in terror of anti-social yobs and are too scared to leave their homes.

The leafy street – where houses can sell for almost £500,000 – is close to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, the wife of William Shakespeare.

Residents living on South Green Drive were too scared to be named fearing reprisals, but say their lives have become ‘miserable’.

Residents despair at the situation and believe that ‘criminals have won’.

One woman, who has lived on the road for 50 years, said: ‘It’s quite frightening when you see cars full of big men sitting in the street.

‘We have had drug dealers move in next door and you get these big burly blokes coming in and out at all times of the day and night.

‘You’ve got to pretend that you don’t see it. You see the younger dealers buzzing around the area too.

‘They tend to go in next to the children’s play area so they are not overlooked by people’s homes.

‘You also get kids aged 14 and 15 coming up in the holidays and throwing stones at people’s windows.

‘Talking to the police, it’s obvious they can’t cope. It’s the county lines drug gangs who are operating here.

‘We live in one of the most beautiful towns in the country, yards away from Anne Hathaway’s famous cottage, but our lives are miserable.’

Another young mum, who moved to the street six years ago, said: ‘When I first moved here it was older, retired people.

‘It was beautiful and people would be out making their gardens look nice.

‘Then a housing association took over a few properties and young people moved in and then came the drugs.

‘We had people move in next door to me who were obviously dealing drugs.

‘I’d lose count of how many times I saw the police round there.

‘The area is falling apart and people who used to stop for a chat now lock themselves in their homes. It’s sad really but the criminals have won.’

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