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Humza Yousaf’s SNP Coalition with Greens Collapses

Humza Yousaf’s coalition with the Scottish Greens has collapsed after he decided to scrap their power-sharing agreement. It came after Green members demanded a vote on the agreement following the Scottish Government scrapping its Net Zero climate change target last week. The Telegraph has more.

The First Minister ended the SNP’s coalition deal this morning before Scottish Green members had the chance to vote on it next month.

Green members demanded the vote after the Scottish Government scrapped its flagship climate change target last week.

The end of the deal, originally negotiated by Nicola Sturgeon, comes after a troubled three-year partnership and Mr. Yousaf will now lead a minority government at Holyrood.

The Scottish Greens reacted with fury and accused Mr. Yousaf of an “act of political cowardice” while the Scottish Tories labelled the collapse of the deal an “utter humiliation” for the SNP leader.

Mr. Yousaf told a press conference at Bute House in Edinburgh that he had terminated the deal with immediate effect because it was “no longer guaranteeing a stable arrangement in parliament”. …

It was suggested to Mr. Yousaf that it was time for a Holyrood election, but he said: “First and foremost, there is a general election, of course, we know it could be any time over the course of this calendar year so we look forward to putting our record very much in front of the people of Scotland and listening to their verdict.

“And remember the people of Scotland of course voted for the SNP to be the largest party by quite some considerable distance I would argue in 2021.

“We are of course continuing as an SNP government. They voted for an SNP minority government in 2021. We continue to be an SNP minority government.”

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