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God’s Cult-agenda-promoting ‘Vicar of Christ’ says anyone who denies human-caused climate change is a ‘fool’. What do the MAMs say who have converted to his religion with its long history of violently suppressing freedom of speech and opinion?

Pope Francis spoke out against climate change deniers, calling them ‘fools’ in his first ever interview on American television.

The often ‘progressive’ pontiff spoke with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell at the Vatican this week to give his thoughts on violence in Ukraine and Gaza and other important subjects.

However, he made a pointed effort to express his displeasure with those who deny climate change when asked what he says to those who deny it by O’Donnell.

‘There are people who are foolish, and even foolish if they show you them research. they don’t believe it,’ he said through an interpreter.

‘They don’t understand the situation or because of their interest, but climate change exists,’ he added.


Climate change is ‘off the charts’ and presents a ‘defining challenge’ to humanity, a damning new report warned in March.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says several climate records were broken and in some cases ‘smashed’ last year.

Greenhouse gas levels, surface temperatures, ocean heat and acidification, sea level rises, and Antarctic ice loss all escalating in 2023 due to fossil fuel emissions.

‘Sirens are blaring across all major indicators,’ said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

‘Some records aren’t just chart-topping, they’re chart-busting – and changes are speeding-up.’

The year 2023 broke ‘every single climate indicator’ record.

Pope Francis also said that he speaks nightly to a parish in Gaza to discuss the ongoing violence.

He said that food is brought into the region but that ‘they have to fight for it.’

When asked what can be done for a million Gazan children facing starvation, he added that they and children in Ukraine must be helped.

‘Those kids don’t know how to smile. This is very hard when a child forgets to smile,’ he said.

His overall message was: ‘Please, countries at war, all of them, stop the war. Look to negotiate peace.’

Researchers warn that extreme weather events including floods, tropical cyclones, drought, and wildfires, are linked with the warming of the planet and so will likely keep occurring.

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